Old Nepali Movie Kusume Rumal

“Old is Gold.” They say, this line is a cliché; if it is then surely it is a true one. This line is most appropriate to talk about old Nepali movies. As you can tell by the looks on people’s face, they care less about the movies of today. They are nostalgic of the bygone era: the era of beautiful actors, stories, presentation and music. Whenever there is an old movie on TV, many people automatically start to sing along. This is an achievement in itself; not many songs of today are remembered by people. The golden time period of Nepali cinema is the 1980s and the early 1990s; the time period is memorized for the most beautiful films, the greatest actors, and the most phenomenal music. One of the films of the generation is the Old Nepali movie Kusume Rumal.
Old Nepali movie Kusume Rumal was released in 1985; the film was directed by the veteran film director, Tulsi Ghimire. Ghimire is also a script writer, editor, cameraman and a lyricist. The movie was produced by Sayapatri Films’ Mrs. Sumitra Paudel. The film is one of the earliest color films of Nepal, which has actors and performers, such as Nir Shah, Bhuvan K.C. and Tripti Naadkar. This film is the debut film of the expert playback singer, Udit Narayan Jha. He acted in more Nepali film, before making it big in the Hindi film industry as a playback singer. Talking about the movie, the title refers to a cotton handkerchief; handkerchief is a symbol of love and remembrance in the movie. The film’s plot has Bhuvan falling in love with Tripti, while Tripti and Udit turn lovers. The film is a triangular love story, which has a mixture of sad and happy ending.
Bhuvan was much appreciated in the movie for his performance as an innocent village man, who falls for a richer girl. Udit did not receive as much accolade for his acting, as he did for his playback singing for the movie. Tripti was admired for her performance, as well as her simple beauty. The music given by maestro Ranjeet Gajmer is to be loved and admired for generations to come. The title song of Old Nepali movie Kusume Rumal, is sung and hummed even by young people of this generation. This is why people made movies, like Kusume Rumal in the 1980s and 1990s; to be remembered for ages to come.
However, this does not seem to be the case nowadays; people want to make money more than they want to make movies. When your mind has the money over the movie, it is certain that you cannot create something beautiful, like Old Nepali movie Kusume Rumal.

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More Nepali Movies

The Nepali movie industry is a new industry in relation to world cinema. It is nearing its sixtieth anniversary, and is yet to achieve a world class status. However, it should be understood that this is a gradual process, and no film industry can reach the heights without considerable challenges. Most people remember the Nepali movies of the 1980s and early 1990s, this period is also unofficially the ‘golden period’ of Nepali cinema. This, however, has started to become a problem; many people are not willing to let go of the nostalgia. It is a good thing to remember the past and keep the memories intact; nonetheless, there is a time to move forward. It is time that more Nepali movies are made that do not reflect the past films.
Certainly, attempts have been made to move towards the future, and not sit reminiscing the past. Recent movies, like Das Dhunga, Dus Gaja, Pal Palma, etc. have made an attempt to provide the Nepali audience with new concepts and film making techniques. There have other movies, which were more traditional in their storyline, but newness in the presentation. It is not always necessary to make a movie on anew subject; filmmaking is like writing, which is not always novel in ideas. However, how you present the same old thing to the audience can make you creative, as well as successful. Take for instance, the recent Hindi movie Dabangg, which got a wide response from the audience. The film itself had no new concept, but the presentation was absolutely fantastic, with visual effects and background music. We need more Nepali movies that can draw the audience, whether because of the subject matter, or the presentation.
It is not new for us to go to cinema halls, whenever there is a new Hindi in town. In fact, big cinema halls, such as Jai Nepal, Kumari and Big Cinema promote Hindi and English movies. It might be the brand name of Hollywood and Hindi film industry that draws audience to these cinema halls. This is not the case for Nepali movies; when big and popular cinema halls do not endorse Nepali films as they should. It is not wrong for people to love Hindi or English movies; after all, they are beautifully made, most of the time. The only trouble is that more and more Nepali movies get neglected. This is not a good thing for a growing film industry, and everyone should work together to solve the problem.
It is not only the responsibility of the film makers to make good movies, but also the accountability of audience to love these good films. Only then will there be more Nepali movies, and more audience outreach. This is the only way that the Nepali film industry can reach its desired heights.

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New Nepali Actors

The filed of glamour is ephemeral; it never lasts long for one person alone. Well, if you think it that way it is like life, itself. Life is ephemeral, it is fleeting; you never know which day will be your last. Nonetheless, you toil and pass on your earning to the next generation, in one form or the other. This is true of the entertainment industry, too; not one actor or actress can reign as the superstar forever. Take the Nepali film industry for example, there is no one actor who has dominated the film industry for more than ten years. Certainly, some names are heavier and add to the brand of a movie, like Rajesh Hamal. But, even Rajesh has had to compete with new Nepali actors to hold on to his title of a mega star.
The new Nepali actors are not entirely different than their predecessors, as they cannot sustain in the industry without pleasing their audience. The older generation of actors had their looks and their talent to prove to their viewers, the same is true of the new actors. Just like Shiva, Bhuvan and Rajesh, new actors need to attract their female viewers and gain admiration from their male audience. Similarly, they need to gain appraisal for their work from all viewers. All the new Nepali actors are trying to do just that; some of the new talents in the industry are: Raj Ballav Koirala, Jeevan Luintel, Aryan Sigdel, Karma (Mahesh Shakya), Ramit Dhungana, Saugat Malla, and so on. All of these actors have proven themselves, in one way or the other. Be it Raj Ballav in his first film Parkhi Basen, or Saugat Malla in Das Dhunga, they have been able to gain critical review.
Likewise, Karma gained much attention from his performance in Sano Sansar, which was loosely based on the Korean movie, My Sassy Girl. Next on the list, Jivan Luintel was praised for his work in Nai Nabhannu La. The actor is probably the most handsome among all the new actors, as he is also Mr. Nepal of 2002. Aryan Sigdel is known by the tag of a ‘chocolate hero,’ since his roles are that of a charming, but a flirty guy. Ramit Dhungana has worked in many films till date, but his work in Pal Palma was much hyped. He did earn a deserved name for himself from this movie. Such praise for all the new Nepali actors proves that the Nepali audience is receptive to new talent.
What more could be desired? Once you are loved by the audience, it is uphill from then. However, the new Nepali actors should not forget that there are newcomers waiting for their chance in the industry.

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Pal Palma Nepali Movie

It is not always true, but for the most part Nepali movies are rigid. That is to say that they are fixed, and do not want to cross the boundaries set by previous films. Hardly any movie is made that gets out of the box, and tries to impart something different to an individual or the whole society. It is sad that our movies are like that, when they could have been much better. It is not that we lack the talent, not at all; actors and actresses, like Rajesh Hamal, Bhuvan K.C., Shiva Shrestha, Mithila Sharma, Tripti Naadkar, Gauri Malla, Hari Bansha and Madan Krishna, Raj Ballav Koirala, and others are testimony to the fact. We just lack the people, who are willing to take up challenges because of various shortcomings.
Thank the lord that new directors and actors are entering the scene that want to do new or different things. One of such directors is Ukesh Dahal, who himself is young man, recently released his movie, Pal Palma. Critics and audience, alike flooded the cinema halls to watch this movie, and the movie review Pal Palma was positive. What made this movie so important that, even a Hindi movie like Dabangg was removed from the screening is the subject matter raised in the film. Not many films are made that touch upon the issue of prostitution, at least not at the roots of it. This is mostly true of Nepali films, which has avoided the subject in detail. On top of that, Pal Palma talks about male prostitution, guided by the lust for money and material goods. Actors, Dilip Ryamajhi and Ramit Dhungana have played the call boys in this movie, and actresses, Sujata Sitaula and Rupa Rana have played their customers.
The movie is also about the friendship between college-going youth. They often fall into troubles due to peer pressure, which may include buying new gadgets to having new girlfriend. The director and the actors got acclaim and praise from the critics, as well as the audience for their performance. It is not often that such good news is heard about Nepali movies. Fro its seemingly adult content and some bed scenes involved, the movie was presented with an adult rating (certificate). This fact was much talked about in movie review Pal Palma, and became one of the reasons of attraction for the audience. Director, Ukesh Dahal is all set to make a new movie following the success of Pal Palma.
It is all the better that Nepali directors are making movies on topics that are debatable. It can be expected that this will be taken to new heights, and new actors and actresses will be given the chance to prove their worth.

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Nepali movie directed by Tulsi Ghimire

Today, the Nepali film industry has produced hundreds of movies, and has established many people as directors, music composers, actors, play back singers, script writers and so on. Not only have that, a lot of people have been able to experiment their various abilities to develop themselves. Obviously, not every other person can fully explore the hidden abilities, as not everyone is willing to take chances. One of such people is Tulsi Ghimire, who is not only an acclaimed director, but also a screenwriter, editor, lyricist and cameraman. However, there is no doubt that he has earned an immense reputation as a film director. The first Nepali movie directed by Tulsi Ghimire was Bansuri, which released in 1981. After nearly three decades of film making, he continues to love and bring new ideas to Nepali films.
What sets Tulsi apart from other veteran film directors? One of the things that come to my mind is his ability, to blend social causes with the eternal story of love and passion. Not many film directors are able to do so, and there are very few who can do it so well. Ghimire has made about twenty Nepali movies in the period of thirty years, and almost all of them have has some kind of success. Not all of them have achieved financial success, but when a Nepali movie directed by Tulsi Ghimire releases, much is at stake. There is no one movie of Ghimire that has been spared by the audience and the critics, alike. One of the other qualities of Ghimire is that, he is interested in his script characters and chooses his actors, well. For this matter, he has cast himself as a character actor is a few of his movies.
Some of the famous Nepali movies directed by Tulsi Ghimire are: Kusume Rumal, Lahure, Chino, Deuta, Dakshina, Balidan, Darpan Chaaya and the recent, Desh. All of these films are remembered fondly, and will be remembered for a long time to come. Among these movies, Dakshina and Balidan have incredible national and social message that anyone can relate to. Dakshina talked about a teacher’s role in society, and what he/she can do to guide the students in the right direction. The other movie was film based on the communist revolution in Nepal, and gained much acclaim. Darpan Chaaya and Kusume Rumal enjoyed, and still enjoy cult following from a lot of admirers. Not many directors can boast such fan following, or so much love from a country that is not of the director’s origin.

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First Love Nepali Movie Review

It is not always that a Nepali movie does well in the market; especially, when it is competing with the Hindi and English movies. It is indeed a feat for a Nepali film to beat the sales of a Hindi movie. It is a bigger feat, if the movie can pull the young city generation of Nepal to the movie theaters. As said earlier, it is seldom that a Nepali movie can achieve this kind of success, and this year such a thing has happened. This film happens to be First Love, directed by Simosh Sunuwar, who directed the much hyped Mission Paisa. The movie released on 6th of August, all across the country and for the first two weeks it had no Nepali competitors. First Love Nepali Movie Review was overwhelming, and gained a lot of audience throughout.
The movie had record sales for a Nepali movie, as related by the film’s producer and distributor. The storyline of the movie is, basically a love story with several people falling in love with each other. Likewise, the film is also about friendship, sacrifice and compromise. These themes in any movie can attract and retain the audience, if it has the ability to give a novel presentation. This is what First Love does well; its presentation is new, and that was able to attract the audience, especially the young people. The songs and the cinematography of this movie gained much appraisal; songs and camera work can make a huge difference to a movie. Having said this, not all critics had good things to say about the movie. Many critics, as well as the audience were put off by the rape scene enacted by actors, Binay Shrestha and Richa Sharma in the movie.
It is not that such a scene has not been included in movies before but in First Love they argue, the scene has been justified. This became a matter of great debate, whether the film maker should have done that. In spite of the situation, a rape is a crime and it cannot be made otherwise. Likewise, one other message of the film could not click well with a lot of people. It tires to summarize that first love is the best love; there is not other like the first love. Surely, first love holds a special meaning in people’s lives, but sometimes that first love may only be an infatuation.
First Love Nepali Movie Review reveals that, when you make a film on a sensitive or a young topic, it is necessary to impart an objective message. Likewise, to hurt the larger audience’s feelings is not a good idea. It is necessary to be responsible more than entertaining, when making a movie.

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Trailers of New Nepali Movies

If you have ever watched the Nepali TV show Clap Board, you will remember that it features a lot of trailers of Nepali movies. Similarly, there are other TV shows related to entertainment that show Nepali film trailers. Well, it is fine and well until you watch the first few trailers. They seem interesting enough, but soon they all seem the same. One trailer cannot be differentiated from the next, and people soon lose interest in the trailers. To lose interest in a movie trailer is to lose interest in the movie, itself. Trailer or the promo of the movie is a marketing technique to promote the movie. However, most Nepali film producers pay less attention to this factor. This is a blunder; if you cannot attract people to like the first look of your movie, you are going to lose the potential audience.
It can be argued that we lack the creativity and the resources needed fro the creation of a well-made trailer. This is not absolutely true; we certainly do have the talent, even if we lack the resources. On top of that, these days computer technology is within reach of the Nepali film industry. With the help of technical maneuvering and creative input, the trailers of new Nepali movies can be made interesting. You do not require investing in trailers; rather, you can make use of the already available clips and songs of the movies. What is more necessary is that you know what you are doing. This is already in process; many new Nepali movies of the year 2010 and earlier had interesting trailers. However, they were limited to a countable number, when it should have been a continued process.
Some of the movies that had interesting trailers, and so attracted a lot of audience are: Sano Sansar, Mero Euta Saathi Cha, Kagbeni, Pal Palma, Das Dhunga, First Love, Kohi Mero…, and so on. The trailers of new Nepali movies like these were innovative, had high resolution images, and generated curiosity among people. To generate curiosity is extremely important, as that is what pulls the audience to know more about the film. However, this not be translated to the fact that the trailers alone can do magic. No matter how well a trailer is made, if the film itself is not good then it cannot sustain itself. Therefore, the trailers need to be preceding the excellence of the films; they should give the first taste of the cake, as to say.
With new technicians and a creative team, it is expected that the trailers of new Nepali movies will be able to promote new films. Trailers are accessories to the movies, just like jewelry is an accessory to the body.

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