More Nepali Movies

The Nepali movie industry is a new industry in relation to world cinema. It is nearing its sixtieth anniversary, and is yet to achieve a world class status. However, it should be understood that this is a gradual process, and no film industry can reach the heights without considerable challenges. Most people remember the Nepali movies of the 1980s and early 1990s, this period is also unofficially the ‘golden period’ of Nepali cinema. This, however, has started to become a problem; many people are not willing to let go of the nostalgia. It is a good thing to remember the past and keep the memories intact; nonetheless, there is a time to move forward. It is time that more Nepali movies are made that do not reflect the past films.
Certainly, attempts have been made to move towards the future, and not sit reminiscing the past. Recent movies, like Das Dhunga, Dus Gaja, Pal Palma, etc. have made an attempt to provide the Nepali audience with new concepts and film making techniques. There have other movies, which were more traditional in their storyline, but newness in the presentation. It is not always necessary to make a movie on anew subject; filmmaking is like writing, which is not always novel in ideas. However, how you present the same old thing to the audience can make you creative, as well as successful. Take for instance, the recent Hindi movie Dabangg, which got a wide response from the audience. The film itself had no new concept, but the presentation was absolutely fantastic, with visual effects and background music. We need more Nepali movies that can draw the audience, whether because of the subject matter, or the presentation.
It is not new for us to go to cinema halls, whenever there is a new Hindi in town. In fact, big cinema halls, such as Jai Nepal, Kumari and Big Cinema promote Hindi and English movies. It might be the brand name of Hollywood and Hindi film industry that draws audience to these cinema halls. This is not the case for Nepali movies; when big and popular cinema halls do not endorse Nepali films as they should. It is not wrong for people to love Hindi or English movies; after all, they are beautifully made, most of the time. The only trouble is that more and more Nepali movies get neglected. This is not a good thing for a growing film industry, and everyone should work together to solve the problem.
It is not only the responsibility of the film makers to make good movies, but also the accountability of audience to love these good films. Only then will there be more Nepali movies, and more audience outreach. This is the only way that the Nepali film industry can reach its desired heights.

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